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Crisis and Trauma Resources

Take Care of Yourself During Times of Crisis & Trauma

During times of crisis and tragedy, it is important to remember to take care of yourself and those close to you. The most immediate concern for most people right now is safety. The following guidelines may be helpful. Try to keep routine as m…

How to Help Children Cope With Trauma

Although children have many of the same reactions as adults due to trauma, they have different ways of expressing their reactions and need some special help to cope. The following are some suggestions for dealing with a child in crisis. &nbsp…

Private: Children’s Reactions to Disaster & Trauma

Children’s responses to trauma vary according to their age of the child. Generally, children respond by reverting to behavior typical of an earlier developmental stage. These responses are considered NORMAL if they are of brief (less than three w…

Private: Helping Children and Youth Through Difficult Times

Talk honestly about the incident and share some of your own feelings about it. Children and teens need to feel informed when they see their parents and other adults reacting to a crisis. Encourage children and teens to talk about their concer…

Just The Facts: Trauma

What is trauma? Trauma is a reaction when a person is overwhelmed by events or circumstances and responds with intense fear, horror, and helplessness. Extreme trauma can override a person’s capacity to cope and can cause a number of physical h…
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