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Adult Services

At Jefferson Center, we offer services for adults that include a variety of individual, group, and family resources designed to support clients’ strengths and independence while encouraging family involvement.
Adult Services

We bring the hope of a brighter future to thousands of community members who struggle with mental health disorders. All are welcome, including individuals whose mental health concerns have led to difficulties with work or school, hospitalization, homelessness, or involvement with the criminal justice system.


Jefferson Center is here to help you get back on track with experienced mental health care professionals dedicated to your whole well-being.

At Jefferson Center, our therapists and doctors use proven, effective treatment methods backed by extensive research to promote the best outcomes.

Medication Evaluation and Monitoring

Medication evaluation and monitoring is a critical aspect of helping clients on the road to recovery. Our experienced team of clinicians, prescribers, and nurses work together to address your unique needs and achieve better treatment outcomes with the safe use of appropriate and effective medicines.
Medication Evaluation and Monitoring

Individual and Group Therapy

Therapy can be an intimate and vulnerable experience, which is why we offer individual and group therapy sessions to accommodate your unique needs. We use Evidence-Based Therapy (EBT) in both individual and group settings. EBT is any type of therapy involving psychological approaches and techniques that are based on scientific evidence. EBT is considered a “Best Practice” and is the preferred approach for psychological symptom treatment by many field experts.
Individual and Group Therapy

Employment Services

Jefferson Center offers a wide variety of employment services such as job readiness and coaching, supported and independent employment, and transitional employment programs. We are dedicated to helping you find and maintain a job with support throughout every step of the process.
Employment Services

Peer Specialist Support

Peer Specialists have experienced mental illness and treatment themselves and are intimately familiar with navigating the complex mental health care system. Peer Specialists can help you realize your goals by encouraging mental health treatment, sharing their own experiences, and facilitating one-on-one peer coaching. They work closely with psychiatrists, nurses, and clinicians to provide clients with a uniquely supportive approach to developing a healthy lifestyle.
Peer Specialist Support

Psychological Assessment Services

Psychological assessments provide our therapists and doctors with valuable insights into a person’s behavior, skills, thoughts, and personality to better tailor treatment. The various types of psychological assessment services offered at Jefferson Center include:
  • Personality and social-emotional
  • Cognitive testing
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Neuropsychological
  • Pre-surgical
  • Mental health evaluations for completion of legal requirements
  • Early childhood
Psychological Assessment Services
Acute Childrens Services
Jefferson Hills Corporation is pleased to announce that on September 1, 2023, we will merge into our parent company and operate as Jefferson Center for Mental Health, a leading provider of high-quality behavioral health care and counseling in Colorado. This merger is expected to result in greater value and a wider array of services for Colorado's children, youth, and families. Read the full merger statement by clicking the button below.
Adult Services
At Jefferson Center, we offer services for adults that include a variety of individual, group, and family resources designed to support clients’ strengths and independence while encouraging family involvement.
Blue Spruce Pharmacy
Blue Spruce Pharmacy provides convenient and comprehensive pharmacy services to all Jefferson Center locations, as well as the surrounding community.
Centro Dones de Nuestra Comunidad
El Centro Dones de Nuestra Comunidad es un programa para miembros de cualquier edad de la comunidad, que ofrece servicios en inglés y español. El centro tiene una ubicación conveniente dentro de nuestra comunidad latina.
Child, Youth & Family Services
We know that every family has unique challenges and strengths. Together we build on those strengths and help develop new skills using individual, group, and family therapy.
Prenatal Care & Substance Use Services
Our certified addiction counselors have expertise in helping people just like you overcome a substance use disorder and thrive – you do not have to face this alone.
Psychological Assessment Services
We provide psychological testing for individuals age 2.5 years old and up.
Senior & Older Adult Services
Providing adults 60 years and older with the care, resources and tools to thrive!
Senior Reach
Adults 60 years and older face a unique set of challenges as they move through the aging process, including retirement, relocation, health changes, and loss of friends and loved ones. These factors can lead to an increased risk for depression, anxiety, and other behavioral health concerns.
Substance Use Services
Are you thinking about making a change? Have you decided to overcome your addiction? If you’re wondering what to do, talk to an experienced Jefferson Center professional.
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    Jefferson Center provides client-centered services designed to meet your individual mental health, substance use, and wellness needs. We’re dedicated to meeting you where you are in your journey and working together to help you live a satisfying and hopeful life.

    Emergency & Crisis Services
    • Hotline
    • Walk-in crisis centers
    • Mobile crisis services throughout the state